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Infants experiencing severe health problems or requiring blood transfusions require extensive medical and nursing care. 

As a result, we have provided approximately 16 specialized units for neonatal care at the Tabarak Hospital. A fully integrated medical team of highly skilled and specialized doctors oversees these units and provides every child with the highest quality of intensive medical care 24/7.

The medical team overseeing the unit collaborates to continuously monitor the health status of newborns until they recover and return safely home with their families. It comprises the following specialties:

  • A physician specialized in monitoring the health of newborns.
  • A resident pediatrician.
  • A lactation consultant.
  • A practicing nurse specialized in monitoring the health of newborns.
  • Physicians specialized in physical therapy and therapeutic nutrition.
  • Physicians specialized in cardiology, neurosurgery, and neurology.

We have equipped these units with various up-to-date devices to provide comprehensive medical care to newborns; phototherapy devices are available to treat jaundice, while artificial respiratory and oximetry devices are provided to help premature babies breathe. Vital signs and heart muscle monitoring devices are also available to ensure the well-being of newborns during their stay.

In addition, we make sure mobile X-ray machines are available to evaluate the health condition of newborns and examine their organs, as well as brain mapping devices to confirm proper brain function and gas measurement devices to monitor the child’s health without obtaining blood samples.

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