blood bank

Tabarak Hospital has established a fully equipped blood bank that allows for the transfer of various types and components of blood, including plasma and platelets, to save patients undergoing major surgeries, such as open-heart surgeries, as well as surgeries that pose a high risk of bleeding, such as childbirth and general gynecological surgeries. 

In addition, the blood bank serves accident victims who require urgent transfusions of large quantities of blood.

The blood bank at Tabarak Hospital provides blood transfusion services to residents and visitors, adhering to globally agreed quality standards. A team of laboratory specialists and chemists supervises the laboratory tests performed on donated blood to confirm its safety and freedom from viral infections or any defects that could prevent it from being transferred to patients. 

Moreover, the blood bank ensures that the blood type is compatible with the patient’s, providing a reliable and safe transfusion system.

At Tabarak Hospital, the blood bank offers a range of services, including the transfusion of various types and components of blood, as mentioned above, such as fresh plasma, platelets, and clotting factors. The blood derivatives are obtained by separating the components using the latest centrifugation equipment, ensuring that each component is 100% safe and pure.

The hospital follows globally agreed-upon sterilization procedures to prevent infections and maintain patient safety. Additionally, the blood bags are stored under specific regulations and appropriate conditions.

The hospital has equipped the blood bank with special devices to preserve the quality of the blood, including a shaker device for maintaining platelets and refrigerators with highly sensitive alarm systems that alert workers in case of power outages or sudden temperature changes.

Our blood bank welcomes donors who have undergone the necessary tests to ensure they are free of blood-borne viral hepatitis. The donors’ red blood cell counts and hemoglobin levels are also examined to ensure the safety of our patients. All donor information is recorded in a digital system for accuracy and easy accessibility.

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