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Advanced techniques, including endoscopy, are crucial in diagnosing upper and lower digestive system diseases. Through endoscopy, specialized doctors can identify the underlying causes of persistent stomach pain, swallowing difficulties, acidity, and colon pain (colonoscopy).

Due to the high level of precision required for upper or lower digestive system endoscopic examinations, which involve anesthesia procedures, inserting the endoscope through the mouth or anus, and diagnosing the disease based on images from the endoscope camera, our management has established a comprehensive department dedicated to providing diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic services.

Prominent gastrointestinal endoscopy specialists at our clinic provide high-quality services and adhere to healthcare quality standards. They also ensure that all instruments and endoscopes are sterilized after each use to prevent infections from spreading to patients.

Our department is available 24/7 to receive cases of acute gastrointestinal bleeding. It is fully equipped to handle critical cases, following a well-organized and effective protocol that quickly stops the bleeding and saves patients’ lives.

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