Inpatient department

Every hospital must include a specialized inpatient department for patients needing surgery or requiring intensive medical attention. To ensure the highest quality medical and nursing care for patients at the new Tabarak Hospital in Cairo, we have established a large department with 103 fully equipped beds ready for patient admission.

We have designed this department’s rooms in various sizes, including royal and small suites, first-class individual rooms, double rooms, and day-case admission rooms, all prioritizing patient safety and privacy.

Each room in the department includes a private bathroom and an adjustable bed for maximum patient comfort. Additionally, call buttons are available for patients to contact a nurse if they experience sudden symptoms or pain or require urgent nursing services.

To provide more comfort for each patient admitted to the department, we have included amenities such as refrigerators for storing food that patients receive from their families, a television for entertainment during their stay, a telephone, and dedicated shower facilities.

The medical staff responsible for this department monitors all rooms to ensure that sanitation procedures are properly followed. The rooms are arranged and prepared by changing bed sheets regularly to prevent infection and pressure sores.

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