Emergency department

The presence of an emergency department is crucial. It must encounter doctors who are always ready and prepared to receive and manage emergency cases. 

At Tabarak Hospital, we recognize this department’s vital role in saving lives. So, we are keen to employ medical doctors accredited by the American Heart Association and the European Resuscitation Council. 

Our department boasts a team of diverse and specialized doctors, including general surgery, internal medicine, orthopedics, intensive care, and cardiology experts. With unwavering dedication, our doctors provide 24/7 medical care, ensuring that patients who require urgent attention or are critically ill receive the intensive treatment they need. 

At our hospital, we understand that emergency departments require sophisticated and precise equipment to provide proper healthcare. Therefore, we have equipped our department with advanced ventilators, defibrillators, and multiple beds directly linked to a source of oxygen. We have also installed a central suction system and all necessary technologies to manage critical cases, including pacemakers, heart rate regulation devices, monitoring screens, electrocardiograms, and blood gas monitoring devices.

In addition, we have ensured that urgent laboratory analysis, radiology, electrocardiogram, and catheterization services are available at the department to diagnose critical cases and save lives rapidly. Furthermore, we have established specialized intensive care rooms that operate 24/7 to receive all urgent cases, including children and newborns. 

By providing such advanced equipment, technologies, and well-equipped rooms, our emergency department is qualified to receive and manage cases of heart and lung injuries, wounds, infectious diseases, accidents, poisoning, burns, and digestive system diseases.

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